Powered by humans,
augmented with AI

At his core Stamped rely on a team of professional CPA equipped with the best tools custom made by our in-house developer team !

We import all of the financial data from the applications you already use apply Artificial Intelligence models to make Year-End stress a thing of the past.


Meet your dedicated account manager

Our team works remotely and responds within one business day. You can easily at any time book a meeting with your dedicated account manager for more assistance.


Connect your accounting system

We integrate with the services you use, such as QuickBooks and Xero. Any documents required during the process can be uploaded directly on the platform with our encrypted document sharing feature.


Receive your financial statements

Every year the system becomes smarter and learn from your books to make the next year even more seamless and notify you of any issues in your books !

Exceptional service delivered differently

Remote by default

Our work is done remotely. The time when auditors would monopolize a conference room in your office is over.

Collaborative platform

Stamped brings together your team, your stakeholders and our auditors to keep everyone on the same page.

Fast turnaround

Tired of waiting? Receive your deliverables rapidly after the closing of your books.

As the company grows, the optimization of our processes has an impact on our ability to be productive while ensuring our clients satisfaction. The Stamped modern approach fits perfectly in our internal process.

Thomas-Louis Lafleur - CEO Le Chiffre

Ready for a year-end that feels effortless?

Let us handle your business' financials
in the simplest way.

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