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How Stamped has enabled Le Chiffre to strengthen their advisory role by focusing on the essential: being the best accounting and financial team for their clients.

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Le Chiffre

Le Chiffre offers accounting services adapted to businesses in the digital age. Their clients include some of Quebec's most dynamic startups and SMEs, such as Transit, Oatbox and Heyday. Their modern and technology-centric approach allow them to offer flexible and personalized service based on 5 pillars: cloud accounting, tax compliance, administrative excellence, advice and expertise.

The challenge

In recent years, the rapid growth of Le Chiffre and their customers has confronted the accounting team with a new reality: an increased need for compliance and efficiency.

To meet this challenge, Le Chiffre first considered opening their own audit and review branch. However, their managers soon realized that the core of their business alone involved many challenges and that managing internal audit would not be a viable solution.

Therefore, Le Chiffre set out to find a partner. For more than two years, the accounting team used different audit and review solutions. Despite their excellent customer service, most of their partners still used a traditional approach. Numerous emails and telephone calls were then necessary to ensure the transmission of correct information.

Not only did Le Chiffre have to work harder, but the delivery of audited statements only occurred several months after their client's year-end.

However, the team was determined to find an audit and review solution that suited their way of doing things: flexible, reliable, and scalable. From the first try, Stamped has been able to meet all these requirements.

As the company grows, the optimization of our processes has an impact on our ability to be productive while ensuring our clients satisfaction. The Stamped modern approach fits perfectly in our internal process.

-Thomas-Louis, CPA and co-founder of Le Chiffre

The solution

An efficient collaboration between accountants, clients, and auditors

Le Chiffre was used to long and tedious audits. At first, it was the simplicity of the Stamped's approach that impressed the team.

The discussions and data sharing centralized on the Stamped Application made it possible to establish an effective collaboration between all the stakeholders: Le Chiffre's accountants, their clients, and the Stamped auditors.

Through the control panel, Le Chiffre's team can access useful information on every client at any given time. The progress of the work is shared in real time, and the communication with the Stamped auditors is fluid, both for Le Chiffre and its clients.

A transparent integration with the accounting tools used by le Chiffre

Stamped integrate perfectly with the tools used in the accounting community. The Stamped App connects to the Quickbooks and Xero cloud software,rapidly and transparently. By sparing its team with the learning of a new tool, le Chiffre was able to benefit from an immediate gain in productivity.

This direct connection to accounting software minimizes the time and complexity of processing customer data while eliminating the potential for error when exporting them.

A solution that evolves at the pace of each customer

Le Chiffre's clients come from diverse sectors, and their growth potential is considerable. All solutions put forward by the accountant team must be 100% capable of sustaining this growth whatever the business context.

Le Chiffre can confidently rely on Stamped to handle large volumes of data and mandates. The use of artificial intelligence to automate certain tasks and the monthly processing of events by the Stamped auditors ensure that all parties have operational efficiency and unrivaled delivery times, even in the most complex situations.

No compromise is made on the quality of the approach and the deliverables. This commitment from Stamped allows Le Chiffre to guarantee an outsanding level of precision, nuance and judgment, regardless of the speed of at which each client evolves.

Stamped has proven to be the ideal partner for managing audit and review assignments, allowing Le Chiffre to focus on the essentials: being the best accounting and financial team for ours clients.

-Thomas-Louis, CPA and co-founder of Le Chiffre

The results

Strengthening Le Chiffre's advisory role

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