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Are you in the market for a top CPA firm in Montréal? The opportunity is here and there's no better time to find the best Chartered Professional Accountant to benefit from their services. At the heart of the business, Stamped is the leading CPA, recognized as the best in Montréal. 

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Why Stamped leads the accounting industry in Montréal?

Stamped is the leading accounting professional in Montréal, distinguished by its utilization of forward-looking tools: Artificial Intelligence. This empowers us to deliver a level of service that sets us apart from other accounting firms. We're the unique CPA in Montréal providing this innovative approach.

Artificial Intelligence enables us, as a professional accounting service, to offer business owners a stress-free experience with the preparation of their financial statements and tax returns. Our AI tools work for us, rather than the other way around, allowing our competent team to work relentlessly for you. With us managing your accounting needs, you can focus on what you excel at - steering your business and introducing new products or services.

Learn how our CPAs can improve your business by optimizing your tax returns - achieve new heights with the right CPA.

How can a CPA firm enhance your business in Montréal?

A CPA firm can offer you a diverse range of professional services and financial solutions, making it an essential asset for businesses, such as:

  • Real estate accounting
  • Financial statement preparation
  • Real estate valuation
  • Business valuations
  • Management and consulting services
  • Corporate finance
  • Asset management

1. A CPA excels in tax report preparation

A CPA possesses the necessary skills to prepare tax reports quickly and efficiently. They not only provide strategic advice to minimize business tax liability but also find ways to boost profits. A CPA is equipped to handle intricate tax issues, including those involving international businesses. Ensuring that tax documents are processed accurately guarantees compliance with Canadian regulations and mitigates costs linked to errors.

2. A CPA helps minimize business expenses

A CPA, as an accounting expert, can evaluate data from spreadsheets or databases to identify any superfluous liabilities. By reducing unnecessary expenses, businesses can improve efficiency and productivity, ultimately leading to enhanced profitability.

3. A CPA proves essential for freelancers and small business owners

A CPA can aid individuals or sole proprietors in confirming the validity of their tax write-offs and asserting their business rights. Self-employed individuals can be assured that they're complying with the latest income taxes and fully utilizing small business tax incentives.

4. A CPA assists with business acquisitions, mergers and closures

A CPA can support a small business owner in acquiring new assets, smoothly merging businesses, and properly closing a business. Expert knowledge of tax implications and regulations is crucial when modifying a business structure.

5. A CPA accurately forecasts business revenue

A CPA’s expertise and analytical abilities play a vital role in understanding a company's trajectory. A Chartered Professional Accountant is trained to scrutinize large volumes of data and interpret what it signifies for a business's future. Strategic planning ensures the long-term survival and growth of a business.

6. A CPA guides business owners to make informed decisions

A CPA can support a business owner in delegating tasks and making executive decisions backed by solid research and data analysis. Understanding the financial aspects of your business can aid in achieving long-term financial goals and in utilizing the most efficient strategies for attaining them.

How does it work?

1. Meet your dedicated Account Manager

Our team operates remotely, responding within one business day. You can conveniently schedule a meeting with your dedicated account manager for additional assistance at any moment.

2. Integrate your accounting system

We are compatible with the services you use, such as QuickBooks and Xero. Any documents required during the process can be uploaded directly to the platform using our encrypted document sharing feature.

3. Receive your financial statements

Every year, the system grows smarter, learning from your books to make the next year even more seamless. It will also notify you of any issues with your books.

Trust Stamped with your accounting

By partnering with Stamped, you're choosing a cutting-edge accounting solution that can be swiftly implemented within your existing structure. Benefit from the expertise of our team of CPAs in producing your financial reports and enjoy:

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Expand your knowledge about CPA

What does CPA mean?

CPA stands for Chartered Professional Accountants. They are tasked with the intricate job of balancing a company's books, managing accounting tasks for businesses and individuals, particularly during tax season. But their responsibilities extend beyond this. They offer a plethora of services such as setting clear financial goals for their clients, generally not on an hourly wage but rather charging per service, month, or year. Hourly wages are infrequent in this field.

Chartered Professional Accountants play a pivotal role in economic and social development. They are renowned for their integrity, skills, and leadership. As of 2022, there are approximately 41,000 CPA in Québec and Montreal, being the most populous cities in the province.

CPAs are also among the best employers in the country. They offer competitive wage (seldom an hourly wage rate) and relative job stability. Moreover, most of them provide holiday benefits, fostering a conducive working environment. This is a competitive industry but offers abundant opportunities for professional development.

A Certified Public Accountant (CPA) isn't just an accountant. Unlike accountants supervised by a professional association, CPAs hold a special credential for business, overseen by an autonomous professional organization, the Ordre des CPAs du Québec. The CPA designation is a recognized symbol of excellence in the public accounting sphere, signifying a high degree of skill and reliability, ensuring the health of businesses.

How does a CPA stand out from regular accountants?

Earning the CPA designation requires satisfying certain educational training and memberships requirements, including:

• Continual professional development to keep skills current

• Adherence to a code of moral and professional standards and regulations

• Holding liability insurance for protection

• Compliance with nationally recognized auditing and accounting standards

    Accounting isn't just about numbers - it's about trust, integrity, and the assurance of quality. Choose a CPA you can trust in Montreal!

    How long does it take to get a CPA in Canada?

    Achieving a CPA designation involves a rigorous process but it's rewarding in the end. Prior to embarking on a career as a CPA, students must have a high school diploma (DES) and a college degree (DEC).

    There isn't any specific CEGEP program that instructs individuals on becoming CPAs. However, some universities mandate students to undertake specific calculus courses, attain a minimum R score, or complete a bachelor's degree in accounting or business administration (specializing in professional accounting) before accepting them into their programs.

    Subsequently, upon completing their university program in 3 or more years, students must complete a 24-month period of practical experience with an accredited training office (students must secure their own employer). This is a requisite to gain a solid understanding of the workload, learn how to use the tools and what it involves. They will discover how to engage with a new employer, deal with clients, construct a monthly report or balance a budget. In essence, everything required for effective accounting.

    Once all these criteria are satisfied, students will be awarded the Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) designation by the Ordre des Comptables Professionnels Agréés du Québec (OCPAQ).

    How much does a CPA cost in Montréal?

    The cost of a CPA in Montreal largely depends on the products and services, clients’ needs, and their budget. It's rarely charged on an hourly basis, as we prefer offering a comprehensive array of financial service solutions owing to our certified team and competitive team. At Stamped, we are capable of delivering the following plans:

    A compliance plan
    A plan intended for growing businesses
    A scaling plan for industry leaders

    But you can also count on Stamped to use our state-of-the-art technology, the only CPA in Montreal to use AI for boutique accounting, for the following extra services for better accounting practices:

    Is it hard to become a CPA in Canada?

    Yes, acquiring the CPA designation in Canada can be demanding but fulfilling. The pathway involves rigorous academic dedication, adherence to experience requirements, and long-term commitment to the accounting industry. The governing body, CPA Canada, imposes stringent criteria for this professional designation that CPA candidates must fulfill.

    Candidates must undertake an exhaustive educational journey, starting with a bachelor's degree and specific CPA-focused coursework. Subsequently, passing the CPA Professional Education Program (CPA PEP) and the Common Final Examination (CFE) is crucial. Lastly, candidates need to gain practical, hands-on experience in public accounting or a comparable sector. This process keeps candidates updated with financial regulations at the community and federal government levels, ensuring future-ready CPAs.

    What does a CPA do in Canada?

    In Canada, a CPA performs a wide variety of tasks extending beyond the traditional notion of number-crunching. They play a vital role in the financial planning and management of businesses, government bodies, and community organizations. The federal government often seeks their expertise in matters of fiscal policy and financial regulation.

    CPAs are extensively involved in public accounting, providing services like auditing, taxation, and advisory services. 

    They leverage their knowledge to advise companies and individuals on a broad spectrum of financial matters, ensuring compliance with accounting regulations and optimizing financial health. Their professional designation opens up diverse job opportunities across industries, with a promising future.

    Moreover, the CPA certification grants accountants a higher degree of credibility and respect within the accounting industry, leading to enhanced job opportunities and a competitive CPA salary. This role is highly valued as CPAs help shape financial strategies and contribute significantly to the prosperity of businesses and the broader economy. Their contributions are indispensable for the future growth and financial stability of entities they serve.