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Year-end Checklist 2022 for bookkeepers and accountants

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A structured review of your year-end procedures.

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Never miss a deadline again. We provide you with a complete timeline for your year-end proceedings.

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A simple and efficient way to review your year-end proceedings.

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Download the checklist

About the Checklist.


This document is not a compilation of document requests.  Document requests and onboarding tasks are addressed separately in the Stamped App.  However, any documents related to this list should be uploaded to the app once prepared.


This document is a list of general year-end bookkeeping procedures.  The list is not meant to be exhaustive.  Instead, it is meant to communicate the  minimum  year-end  bookkeeping procedures to be completed for  us  to start  our  work.    Our  work  begins  once  the  year-end bookkeeping procedures are complete, this document has been returned to us, and we have a copy of the preliminary trial balance.


There is a section next to each procedure for you to add notes.  This is where summary findings, references, problems, and exceptions can be communicated.  Any notes provided will give us valuable information to better understand the entity.
Some procedures in this list may not be relevant.  If that is the case, simply put a “N/A” in the notes section of the procedure.
Management   may   require   Stamped’s   professional   guidance   to   complete   some   of   the   relevant   bookkeeping   procedures.     If   this   is   the   case, Stamped may provide additional assistance at an hourly rate.  If it is not possible to complete a required year-end bookkeeping procedure, please notify us in writing.

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