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General Questions

What is a certification service?

Financial reporting certification includes the services of a CPA to provide a degree of assurance about financial information that indicates that it is complete and accurate, in accordance with applicable accounting standards. The different types of certification reports are as follows:

-Compilation engagement
-Review mission
-Audit engagement

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How much does a business tax return cost?

For a small business with simple operations, the cost of a tax return ranges from $500 to $2,000, which normally excludes the filing of financial statements.

More complex businesses that hire a CPA or external tax specialist can expect to pay between $100 and $400 per hour.

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What is included in the financial statements?

According to current accounting standards, the financial statements generally consist of the following reports:

-The Income of Statement. This includes revenues, expenses and profits.
-The statement of financial position, commonly referred to as the "balance sheet". This presents the details of assets, liabilities and equity.
-The statement of shareholders equity. This includes movements of equity, including additions or withdrawals in the form of dividends
-The statement of cash flows. This presents the movement of money at the operational, financing and investment levels.

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About Stamped

How do I transition from my current auditor?

Simply provide us with your auditor's contact information and we'll take matters into our own hands. We place great importance on maintaining healthy relationships with our fellow practitioners and do our best to ensure a smooth transition.

What happens if I'm dissatisfied with Stamped?

We prefer this not to happen, but in the event that we have to separate, we commit to:

-Providing our full cooperation to your new auditor
-Providing your new auditor with full and unlimited access to your data

Do you offer services other than assurance and taxation?

No, we strive to provide the best quality tax certification and compliance services while ensuring that your other business advisors can easily collaborate with us.

If I use an accounting system that is not integrated, can I still do business with Stamped?

Yes, Stamped works with all types of software, all platforms combined.

My financial period is in progress, can I change auditors now?

Yes, you can change auditors now. Because Stamped runs on a monthly basis, we can get you on board as soon as you're ready.

Upon your arrival, we analyze the months since the beginning of your fiscal year. We’ll then operate according to our usual monthly methodology.

Is it an artificial intelligence (AI) that does the work of the CPA?

No, your auditor takes care of it. We believe that the application of professional judgment is fundamental. Technology makes it possible to increase its reach. The use of artificial intelligence in our process makes it possible to automate certain repetitive and clerical tasks that make up an audit allowing the CPA to do their best work.

Can my accountant have access to the app?

Yes, your accountant can have access to it and we even strongly encourage them. By bringing your team and stakeholders together on the Stamped app, everyone collaborates effectively.

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