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Optimize financial data: centralize with Stamped's Notebooks

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Optimize Financial Data Management with Stamped's Notebooks

Efficiently centralize client financial line items for enhanced organization and collaboration in your engagements!

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Efficient Financial Line Item Management

Discover the power of our Notebooks feature. Seamlessly centralize financial line items, from lead sheets to procedural work, providing a comprehensive solution for audits, reviews, and year-end filings. The integrated platform ensures a unified approach, enhancing organization and collaboration across diverse engagements.

Centralize financial data with notebooks for reviews, audit and year-end tax filings

All-in-one platform for comprehensive financial statements

How it works

Import or create your procedure library

Initiate your workflow by importing a standard firm template library or crafting one anew. Easily include notebook names, procedure details, and descriptions, establishing a robust foundation. Seamlessly map line items to notebooks for a tailored and efficient financial data management experience.

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Standard firm templates
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Customized mapping

Consult and perform data analyses

Delve into the imported accounting data with ease, consulting and extracting valuable insights. Seamlessly create necessary adjusting entries, ensuring accuracy in financial reporting. Document your findings and justify journal entries and movements, facilitating a comprehensive and transparent data analysis process.

Consult and perform data analyses on working papers
Generate financial notes through working papers and conclude findings

Generate financial notes through working papers and conclude findings

Effortlessly transition from data analysis to actionable insights. Extract accounting data to working papers, perform necessary work on the data, and create named ranges for precision. Import these ranges into the financial statement builder seamlessly, ensuring a smooth transition from analysis to reporting. Conclude your work on the notebooks and line items, finalizing your findings with a comprehensive set of financial notes.

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Data integration: extract and perform work on accounting data within the working papers
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Smooth reporting transition: import named ranges into the financial statement builder for seamless financial note generation

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Explore the seamless features that simplify financial data management with our Notebooks.

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