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Simplified Client Onboarding

Optimize user onboarding with our self-serve solution, empowering your clients to connect accounting systems, share billing info, and invite teams on their terms!

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Discover the power of seamless onboarding

Eliminate wait times and inaccuracies with our user-friendly platform. Your clients can now independently onboard, choosing their preferred accounting system, while ensuring all data is accurately recorded in one place. Experience a time-saving, error-free process that puts you in control

Self serve onboarding for CPA clients

Centralized control: manage everything easily

How it works

Connect organizations

Effortlessly connect multiple organizations, consolidating them into a unified platform for enhanced convenience and centralized management. By enabling your clients to self-onboard, experience a time-saving solution that allows you to efficiently manage and oversee multiple organizations from a centralized platform.

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User-friendly multi-organization setup
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Detailed setup status updates
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Unified dashboard for organizations

Integrate accounting system

Empower your clients to integrate their accounting systems seamlessly – whether it's Xero or QuickBooks – or choose the manual upload option. By allowing clients to take charge of integration, everything is centralized on one platform, bidding farewell to the hassle of hunting down Excel and Word files.

Invite and set up your team

Invite and set up your team

Your clients need billing details from a colleague? They can effortlessly invite them for quick access. Simplify teamwork with shared access to the organization, ensuring everyone can collaborate seamlessly. By empowering your clients to self-onboard, you not only enhance their experience but also save valuable time in the collaborative process.

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Instant access for client’s team members
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Effortless team setup

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