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About 6DT Conseil

6DT is a firm with expertise in finance and technology situated in the Greater Quebec Area. Comprised of ex-bankers and executives, 6DT has the power to help start-up businesses in a new way.

6DT aims to help entrepreneurs become autonomous with the bookkeeping process and provide expertise in making the right decisions when encountering business issues & problems. In short, 6DT likes to identify themselves as the back-office start-ups may not afford. 6DT is there to guide start-up clients through the critical first 5-year window, which from experience, they've pinpointed as the most crucial period for a new business. Being based in Quebec also means helping clients navigate the highly regulated Quebec financial markets for new companies. It's safe to say that without 6DT, many start-ups may not be with us today.

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“We have been looking for a 100% virtual solution that would allow us to reduce delays and costs but above all better communicate with CPA auditors and with our customers.”

– Christiane Constantineau, CEO 6DT.

The challenge

As 6DT continued to grow, their partners needed to grow with them. In an ever-evolving business landscape, having the right technology and the right partners is crucial. Having a misalignment between your offering and your partners can lead to late deliveries and potential errors. As their customer base was growing, the need for standardizing the year-end process emerged. Moreover, the different CPA firms 6DT was relying on weren’t embracing the cloud technology as much as 6DT.

The result was that 6DT’s team was receiving an overwhelming amount of emails leading to more work in order to meet every different CPA firms’ expectations. As you already know, 6DT works primarily with start-ups, so the expensive costs of big CPA firms meant they had to look elsewhere for a cost-efficient solution for their clientele.

Quotation mark

“The transition is quick and easy as it is done in just a few clicks.”

– Christiane Constantineau, CEO 6DT.

The solution : Stamped

In searching for a new alternative for year-end services, 6DT needed a virtual system to reduce delays, costs and better communication around the workload. Stamped technologies could offer that to 6DT, which is why they now partner with us.

1 - A rapid integration process

Stamped could quickly and seamlessly integrate with 6DT's accounting systems and complete the transition without 6DT missing a beat. The transition is as easy as just a few simple clicks.

The changes were felt instantaneously by CEO Christiane Constantineau, while transferring her first client to the stamped system. Gains felt this quickly meant 6DT hit the ground running with a new system that also enabled their clients to see increases in efficiency.

2 - Reduction of email & virtual efficiency

The 100% cloud advantage was one of the critical functionalities 6DT was looking for in a new system. Having a 100% cloud/digital platform, 6DT's team now has more time to focus on helping clients in other vital business areas. A digital platform backed by AI with seasoned CPAs also means less worrying about potential financial statement errors.

A platform supported by AI technology helps reduce the time needed to spend on menial tasks start-ups struggle with. It also helps save big on money and avoid costly human accounting mistakes. With the stamped system, Christiane and her associates can communicate with their assigned seasoned CPA within the system and access financial documents directly and digitally. This means less emails and more peace of mind. The entire year-end process can occur on the Stamped platform leaving email for other business matters. Another box checked for 6DT.

3 - Better communication that allows for a seamless workflow

The discussion aspect of the Stamped system also allows for a seamless conversation between the client, the CPA and 6DT, which helps foster collaboration between all parties. Better communication has helped 6DT better follow the evolution of the client's demands and any questions the CPA may have.

6DT picked Stamped because it’s on a similar track as it is on. A path of continual growth and onethat is focused on the ideal customer experience.

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