3 reasons why connecting Stamped.ai to your client’s QuickBooks accounts will increase your productivity

Adopting the latest cutting-edge technology can make the difference between increasing the value of your offering and becoming obsolete. The changes seen in the accounting industry over the last ten years are here to stay. Think about how payroll and expense reporting has gotten easier and simpler thanks to cloud accounting. Software is eating the accounting cycle.

Many alternatives exist in the cloud accounting space, but the year-end process is yet to see a solution. At Stamped, we're addressing the year-end process in a new way! We’ve been working on a solution to make year-ends simple, efficient and less expensive and we’ve developed a year-end software that is on par with the technology of your firm and integrated with many apps you use, like QuickBooks!

Here's 3 reasons why connecting Stamped.ai to your client’s QuickBooks accounts will increase your productivity:

1 – Communicate more efficiently.

Stamped brings together your team, your stakeholders and our auditors to keep everyone on the same page and build an outstanding and efficient communication loop between them.

2 – Say hello to Artificial Intelligence

Year-end filings have never been that easy to produce and help you make better decisions for your business. Thanks to automation and AI, we are committed to providing a fast turnaround so you can focus on running your business. This allows you to maintain and build on your relationship as well as offer an additional service for current and potential clients.

3 - Include Year-ends to your service offer

We strongly believe that the future of bookkeeping includes year-end. Stamped can easily be integrated to your tech stack, making the year-end process part of your service offering and allowing you to complete the accounting cycle of your clients. It’s that simple!

Did you know that Stamped was now part of the QuickBooks Appstore? It makes it even easier for you to jump in! To learn more about what we do, book a meeting directly with our sale representatives in the section below!

Alexandre Ouellet, Copywriter/Rédacteur

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